About Us

About us

Our Mission

Selling. Everyone seems to hate it. People hate being sold to, and most sellers also only seem to do it grudgingly. Yet, every single person in the world makes a living because things get sold. Might as well do it better.

We exist to help people sell better. When people sell better, customers have pleasant experiences, sellers have better careers, their companies have richer shareholders, economies do better and countries progress.

That's Channelplay's raison d'etre.

Our Business

Almost everything we do involves selling, or creating a better environment for selling, or providing an enabler for selling.

Our Technology Solutions provide users cutting edge tools to increase sales or provide great customer experience.

Our Sales Outsourcing and Sales Training services ensure the availability of appropriate human resources for selling, our Visual Merchandising and Loyalty Programs help us create effective and motivated retail environments. Further, our Mystery Shopping and Market Research services help measure performance and drive improvements.

Our Values

We have two values – Integrity & Entrepreneurship. Integrity is not just ethical conduct, but holding ourselves to high standards for the work we do and the results we produce. Our entrepreneurship makes us constantly innovate to improve and grow.

Through practicing these values, we aim to be one of India's best channel management companies so that we can provide meaningful work experiences and growth opportunities to our people, and deliver great value to our clients.

Our Success Drivers


Business competency and execution capability across channels and industries are the key criteria on which we've built our team.  Our management team comes from companies known for their execution excellence, have worked for multiple demanding clients in Channelplay, and are motivated and incentivized through our entrepreneurial culture and reward systems to deliver their best.

Our field teams are selected through a rigorous process, and we provide best-in-industry HR environment to attract and retain talent.


We start programs of hundreds of people within weeks, our people deliver millions of transactions a month, and our support functions serve thousands of people across hundreds of cities. Market visits, stock & order, VM,  retail audits, claims processing, asset deployment and dozens of other critical activities are run through processes that are battle tested for the world's most demanding clients. We create processes that are replicable, measurable and closed loop - and process based execution is the only way of doing business at Channelplay.


If you cant measure, you cant manage it. If your data is not reliable, you'll spend more time arguing on data than managing your business. Realization of these facts, and the unavailability of existing solutions was the key driver for starting Channelplay.

We deploy technology to measure performance reliably, transparently and in real time; and to plan, execute and improve basis metrics. We're proud that 1Channel is not only the heart of our operation, but also trusted by dozens of clients to manage their own operations.

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