Field Force Training

We are India's leading company for sales & product training of field based teams via channels like field training, classroom, e-learning & m-learning, covering 300+ towns

Training and Develoment

Channelplay has been designing, delivering and managing customized training & development solutions to guarantee organizational success. Our goal is to partner with brands to assess, foresee, develop and execute powerful training that increases productivity, improves performance and inspires continuous focus on excellence through a wide range of technology enabled learning solutions.

Field Force Training Services

Training Delivery
Training Delivery

Channelplay delivers training programs through field training, classroom, e-learning & m-learning covering 500+ towns. We design & execute customized training programs with a focus on maximizing ROI and drive productivity. We have expertise in Intensive training delivery due to our reach & execution enabled through cutting edge technology. Channelplay does a baseline evaluation to understand the candidate current level and accordingly design and develop content and delivery. We also measure post training feedback and maintain candidate file for better visibility and planning the needful interventions.

Training Content management
Training Content Management

Producing right & relevant content will likely always be a top challenge for many brands, due to limited manpower, cost, or both, hence content creation tasks often fall to the wayside. We work with subject matter experts to develop highly targeted and relevant learning content which is a balanced combination of easy understanding, simple content and interactive learning. We also provide E Learning facility for all members in the hierarchy via Learning Management System and provide a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) where-in you can build a secure content repository and configure, schedule and run assessments at your ease. All this to save your time and effort to provide a cost-effective customized solution.

Training operations management
Training Operations Management

Cost optimization is a business focused regular practice to drive expenses and reduce cost, while maximizing trade value. Every organization aims to optimize the overall cost and focus on crucial parameters of the training to take place. Channelplay excels in managing the entire operations of venue management, logistics and processing the salary/claims of the trainers. We have direct tie ups with more than 100 hotels across tariffs and segments ranging from 3 Star to premium 5 Star ratings with the properties spread across top 35 cities of India. Training programs involve transportation of training equipment at the right time and in ready-to-use condition to ensure that the training starts on time and we have been doing it with excellent timeline adherence.

Turnkey Training Programs
Turnkey Training Programs

For clients who do not wish to get involved with the coordination and pressures of overall management of the project, we offer customized turnkey training solutions catering to important business needs of the organization. Channelplay offers customized ready to deliver training workshops for various hierarchy levels suited to promote better understanding of the subject knowledge aiming higher productivity levels.

Service Highlights

People Efficiency

10+ years of experience in training delivery & management. 

SME Trainers with varied demographics, experience and industry background

Project management professionals to manage training & development projects

Process Efficiency

Channelplay's process efficiency ensures that the sales training gets implemented in a quick and and easy way. Some of the core process efficiency that we rely on are Baseline Evaluation, Interactive Content Delivery, Candidate File Management and Candidate Assessment. 

Content Design

One of the key feature in Sales Training is Content Design. We continuously get our content reviewed on a periodic basis according to their requirement. We also do Field visits to understand the problem areas. 360 degree feedback is taken while preparing the content until the client sends a sign off. 


Technology plays a key feature in imparting training to the promoters. With our inhouse technology which includes Learning Management Software, eLearning Software and Field Force Automation we ensure that our client's end objectives are met at minimum cost and high ROI.

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