Influencer loyalty Programs


Influencer Loyalty Programs

For a lot of products the key drivers of purchase are not reliant on customer as much as they do certain influencers. This is highly evident in construction, technology and other such products which a common customer finds tough to understand. In these cases, it wont be off the mark to proclaim that the influencer is the king.

Connecting with the key influencers and incentivising them for their recommendations is a game changer in these scenarios. As these influencers are not directly part of the transaction, there is a crying need for a centralized and formalized program just to identify the key influencers and communicate with them.

We use multiple mechanisms and technological solutions to help brands identify, connect with and incentivise key influencers through customized programs.

Key Features

Brand Advocacy

Our influencer programs are custom-designed to reach out and engage with these key influencers.
1. Identification of key influencers through market studies and benchmarking
2. Development of custom mobile and web apps to collate and validate transaction data
3. Data backed approach in rewarding high performers
4. Relying on new age reward solutions such as e-Wallets, UPI and Cash Cards


Leveraging technology to optimum level is key to run successful programs in the current age. Specifically when reaching out to large target bases and doing payouts frequently, it is recommended to utilize new age payment services to achieve higher partner satisfaction levels.

1. Staying abreast of cutting edge technology to stay one step ahead of the competition
2. Seamless rewards which can be passed on instantly across the country
3. Option of using rewards with zero logistics

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