Mystery Shopping

From Apple to McDonald's, the world's most successful brands scale through their ability to standardize. New York or New Delhi, Manchester or Mysore - walk into one of their stores, and you can expect the same experience and quality of service.

Ensuring standardization takes a relentless focus on measurement of customer experience, and mystery shopping is a key tool in the kit.

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Retail Audits

A lot of money is spent building beautiful stores, restaurants and branches. Brands who have franchise partners and retail networks invest in fixtures, furniture & signage; demo products and branded displays.

All this expense can not only go to waste, but can be counterproductive if your locations and infrastructure are not well maintained. Our retail audit service ensures that doesn't happen.

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Stock Audits

An accurate picture of stock in the supply chain is important to ensure correct accounting, manage channel incentivization, maintain freshness and quality, minimize shrinkage through loss or theft and to double-check on other data reporting mechanisms.

Channelplay's stock audit service provides accurate and reliable stock and inventory measurement across the country.

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Leading Mystery Shopping & Audit Company in India

Rooted in Shopper Marketing

Some of the world's most successful companies rely on us to execute their shopper marketing initiatives. We leverage that experience to design and execute better mystery shopping programs.

Best-in-Industry Technology

Our cutting edge technology platform ensures that shoppers that are right for a project are deployed, that information collection is reliable and real-time, and that analytics are rich and insightful.

Coverage Across India

We currently deliver over 8000 mystery shops and audits across 300 cities every month using a network of freelance mystery shoppers spanning every Socio-Economic Classification, and a team of full-time; highly-trained auditors.

Focus on Quality

We use rigorous shopper selection processes, train and certify shoppers on every project before they start work, and verify each response received for accuracy and insightfulness before reporting to clients.