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About us

Business competency and execution capability across channels and industries are the key criteria on which we've built our team. 

Our people come from companies known for their execution excellence, have worked for multiple demanding clients in Channelplay, and are motivated and incentivized through our entrepreneurial culture and reward systems to deliver their best.


Sundeep Holani

Co-founder & CEO

I feel privileged and proud to work at Channelplay because of how much meaningful work we are able to do. We work with companies that have great products and help them be more successful by helping them run their channels well. We deploy great processes and technology to improve productivity, thus lowering costs. At the same time, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of HR practices, thus helping our people build great careers.


Manish Tandon

Chief operating officer

What we do at Channelplay is unparalleled in the industry. We are well diversified, because of which we offer to our valued customers a one-stop shop for all their channel sales and marketing needs, which helps them sell better. Delivering Customer Delight is what keeps me excited - day after day. I strive to achieve this through operational excellence and technological innovations, thus creating a competitive advantage for both Channelplay and our valued customers. We proudly ensure that our core values of Integrity & Entrepreneurship are incorporated in each and every action of ours.


Prashant Singh

Vice President - Business Development & Marketing

The most exciting thing about Channelplay for me is the breadth and quality of solutions that solve various industry problems - which is exciting to take to customers in my role as head of Business Development. I feel privileged to be part of this growing team and company which helps me in unlearning and learning new things everyday from everyone.


Sayantan Hajra

Vice President - Technology Solutions

What excites me most at Channelplay is its belief that technology is a true differentiator as far as adding value to client is concerned. Our penchant to constantly adopt niche technology has helped us to develop multiple state of the art technology solutions that have not only helped us to manage Retail Marketing executions efficiently, but have also streamlined Channelplay’s internal processes. When I see how our solutions have made life simpler for numerous stakeholders, that’s a great satisfaction. It’s truly a privilege to work with a bunch of young and agile technology geeks and to be part of an organization that puts technology adoption as a key strategic initiative.


Lakshya Das

Business Head - Sales Staffing & Recruitment

My business at Channelplay manages the outsourced sales operations of dozens of companies. Setting up the processes and systems that help us deliver great value to a diverse set of clients is my focus. At the same time, I believe we must serve and improve the lives of the thousands of people who work on the projects in my business - and that is my constant endeavour.


Yasir Hussain

Business Head - Visual Merchandising & Signage

Retail visibility is next big thing in organized and traditional trades . We are a one stop solution for a brand's visual merchandising needs delivering industry quality standards through Channelplay's experienced professionals. Our efforts for best in class integrated marketing communications help brands get visibility in retail with a competitive edge. This is really exciting to work on as every other day comes with a new challenge to meet the dynamism of marketing world.


Amit Bakshi

Business Head - Market Research, Mystery Shopping & Audits

My responsibility at Channelplay is to drive Market Research & Audits, the vertical which enables businesses to take informed decisions and in turn enhance growth. I feel excited to step into office everyday as Channelplay enables me to solve diverse business problems from multiple industry segments. As an organization, Channelplay gives you wings – right from respecting individual ideas to giving them a platform to experiment them. And with this empowerment, every employee goes that extra mile to add value to client’s business. Feel privileged to be associated with an organization of such DNA.


Rishi Sabharwal

Business Head - Loyalty Program

I’m delighted to be part of the Channelplay family. We are one of the best companies delivering Innovative Technology solutions and Successfully executing Personalized Multi-layered Marketing Programs for different businesses across the Industries. The most important part about Channelplay is the Culture which it inculcates. It has been great working on a team with diversified cultures and you tend to learn here more.  It is a platform for an individual to learn, grow and experience the whole new world with complete focus to deliver excellent service levels to the clients. Channelplay provides an employee-friendly & motivating work environment that helps the employee to give quality work to the clients.


Shashi Bakshi

Head - HR Operations & Administration

Channelplay is one of the leading organizations in it's industry, and we attract and hire the best talent in the industry. My job is to provide a working environment that brings the best in them and helps them thrive. From office infrastructure and facilities to recreation opportunities - we benchmark against the best in the world, and I am excited to have the freedom and responsibility to make a meaningful difference to a place where hundreds of employees spend more than half of their waking hours every day!


Saloni Bhargava

Head - People Development & Culture

At the heart of Retail Marketing business is an opportunity to create a better selling ecosystem and thereby, an opportunity to create better employment opportunities in the market. And Channelplay is truly an organization that believes in not only meeting the ends but also creating a value in the process. In my role here, I am responsible to drive the People Development & Culture initiatives for the Corporate teams. That is, to set up systems and processes that support individuals to build a rewarding career for self with Channelplay and lead a well-rounded professional life. The strong ethics, clear  intent to uphold the best interest of team members, and a relentless focus on continuous improvement makes working with Channelplay an exciting and pleasant experience.