Claim Management in a Sales Staffing Program

Claim management is one of the important aspects of running a sales staffing program successfully. Depending on nature of the program, the number of people required to travel, and extent of travel will vary, leading to different amount of claim. Thus, it is important to have a robust process - to nullify possibilities of pilferage of money, timely disbursement of claim and also identify defaulters.

Let us look at a process to drive robust claim management in a sales staffing program

  • Use of technology:

Technology driven process is must have so that entire process can be transparent and trackable. Right from applying the claim till disbursement of claim.

  • Pre-defined travel policies:

The travel policies to be pre-defined and uploaded in system to be ready reckoner while approving, deducting or rejecting claim.

  • Necessary approval loop:

There should be multilevel checkpoints in form of approval loop driven through technology to ensure no leakage of money

  1. Approval by the central program team: Basic checks like correct description of claims, correct heads under which the claim is raised etc. can be verified in this step
  2. Approval by finance verification team: Thorough check against policy and uploaded proofs can be done in this step by a subject matter expertise
  • Verification of physical proofs:

Detail scrutiny of the hard copy submitted against claimed amount to be carried out in this step to verify if the submitted hard copies are inline with the defined guideline and stand good against the claims.

  • Upload the finance verified amount:

Post verification the final payable amount to be approved in the system by the verification team post all deduction or rejection (if any)

 Two more important elements to be kept in consideration are: All the activities to be time bound and for every stage, user to be kept informed to maintain the transparency.

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