Digital Signages - The Next Big Thing In Retail Communication

Before launching any new campaign in retail we often have to do backward planning. Sometimes even week before actual launch which brings its own challenges & then lats minute hassles of not meeting the timelines of launch. Most of the campaigns launched in retail footprints does not meet deadlines of covering 100% of the WOD due to one or another practical challenge which India as a diverse country has.

Moreover, life span of the POSMs designed for the placement at stores is very limited & being a marketer you don't actually have a tool to check how many eyes it captured or how many engagements it made. Thus, it's time for the marketers to take help from technology & see how technology can optimise the marketing performance.

Digital signages are the next big thing in retail communication, thus it's an answer to the most complex challenges a brand manager faces while launching a new campaign in retail footprints with a desire to reach every store within the limited time frame. Lets talk about some benefits of the digital signages in retail:

Real Time Tracking of Content Impressions & Engagement: It helps answering the most important questions being asked with marketers. How many people watched it? It provides real time tracking of people watching it with demographic filters.

Demographic Based Content Trigger: You can set your content with rules basis different demography. For instance, you can play a different content for male & female.

Real Time Content Change & Control: Once a POSM is deployed at a store, you don't have much control over it, except only a presentation which you can share with your management showing that it was deployed in store. However, in this case you can change the content anytime with a click of a button. It also gives you freedom to play videos, run tickers & display images simultaneously.

Long Life Span: A soft POSM (Paper based POSM) has a life of not more than 5 days & standees have life of not more than 10 days except in special conditions. However, in this case life span of a digital signage kiosk is more than 12 months & even more depending upon terms agreed with the retailer.

Cost Effective, Compared to Traditional POSM Deployment Method: In long run, digital signage deployment will cost you much lower than that of deploying a standee for an equal amount of time at an outlet. For instance, cost of deploying a standee at an outlet for 365 days will cost average 262/day for 365 days. However, cost of digital signage will be less than 180/day (please connect with us through our contact us page for details on calculations). Also, without additional cost of measuring all the data/analysis/reporting etc. Removing complexities of all hassles like courier etc.

We help brands in end to end management of digital signage deployment across India. For more details, connect us through our contact us page.


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