Fundamentals of Effective Maintenance in Retail

Visibility is the most crucial aspect in retail which directly impacts brand awareness, brand recall & impulse buying. As a next step in gaining the competitive edge over other brands, many have started doing maintenance of their fixtures considering the shelf life & basis the market visibility reports. Maintenance of fixture is one of the toughest job for marketers due to following reasons:

  • Unavailability of qualified vendor partners.
  • Reach & penetration of vendor partners across tier 2 & Tier 3 Towns.
  • Less knowledge about fixtures & their scarcity in different states.
  • Cash flow requirement to get the work done.
  • Dealing with multiple vendors.
  • Problem identification cost.
  • High TAT for the rectification of issues.

All these issues can be sorted by following a tried & tested process which has evolved over the time & has dealt with multiple minds. First, we need to understand the methods of maintenance followed by their process flow.

Reactive Maintenance: An issue logged/raised by a retailer or its representative to brand marketing team comes under reactive maintenance. Brand marketing team assigns vendor partner basis skill set required. Vendor will then rectify the issue post visiting the outlet & will bill the expense to brand.

Following is the flow chart of reactive maintenance:

Reactive Maintenance copy

Proactive Maintenance: This type of maintenance is conducted on high priority stores & on key outlets of brands. As the name suggest, a proactive schedules visit is done on the outlets to check the status of fixtures hygiene & workability. Generally, a checklist is made by brands which guide the vendors/fitters to ensure in depth cross check of the fixture hygiene.

Following is the step by step process of proactive maintenance:


Proactive Maintenance

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