How Mystery Shopping Can Ensure Delightful Customer Experience For an Online-only Brand?

In the context of an online only brand, customer experience refers to how a brand manages to engage its customers across the web. Customer experience describes a customer’s perception of how a brand interacts with them. An impactful first impression provided by the brand to the consumer, is in terms of the product proposition offered. It's important to clearly communicate what online experiences and content a brand can offer for each site, application and type of social presence. It should state the intrinsic benefits a visitor will get from the site, content, web service or functionality – and how that ties to the overall product or service.

Another factor that imprints on the mind of the customer and helps in enhancing brand loyalty is the App/Website Interface and accessibility. An optimized User Interface is the secret science behind any successful e-commerce site. To attract customers, keep them engaged, retain them & boost revenue, a site must be compelling and equally interactive.

After a customer has a connect with the brand offering, there are 2 aspects of customer service that helps in maintaining the brand loyalty further:1. 

1. Logistics & Delivery- Channelplay’s mystery shopping program involves gauging the entire customer experience starting from Ordering to Delivery process. It can be assessed through-
  • Ordering Experience- Product availability, Ease of ordering, smooth payment process, relevant communication
  • Order Shipment- Order Tracking, Timely notifications
  • Delivery Experience- Delivery turnaround time, Delivery executive assessment, Interaction
  • Packaging- Packaging quality, Product safety
  • Return & Refund Process- Ease of return, return pick up, refund process & timelines 
2. Communication & Query Resolution- It is important for the brands to bring in robust digital modes of communication with their customers in order to handle queries and complaints. Brands should focus on web-based communication channels like Call, Chat/ e-mail or Social media. Channelplay’s mystery shopping program includes evaluating customer experience at each of these service touchpoints:
  • Call- To assess tele-call executives communication & SOP adherence by evaluating following parameters:
    • Ease of connect to toll free no.
    • Ease of understanding of the options on IVR
    • Presence of all options on IVR for query resolution
    • Waiting time before customer care connect
    • Customer care associate interaction – Greetings, Account verification, query understanding, empathy, knowledge, resolution
  •  Chat/E-mail- To assess chat & e-mail SOP adherence by evaluating following parameters:
    • Ease of locating email/chat support on website
    • Acknowledgement communication about query raised on email
    • Waiting time to connect to chat support
    • Response time for receiving next action mail/chat message on query raised
    • Turnaround time for providing resolution 
  • Social Media Responsiveness- To assess the efficiency & effectiveness of social media responses by evaluating following parameters:
    • First response time
    • Query resolution time
    • Interaction assessment – Greetings, query understanding, empathy, subject knowledge
    • Competition Objection handling

Channelplay’s Mystery shopping experts provide you with insights and feedback to help offer great customer service and to build a strong customer support system for your customers.

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