Determining Brand Visibility Share in General Trade

Retail environment nowadays is filled with advertisements through different channels with variety of technological advancement in integrated marketing communications. It's challenging for a brand to keep & sustain its visibility. Moreover, most complex part is to check the visibility share of the brand in a retail environment. It cannot be checked through a "one formula applies all" method as there are multiple factors which depends upon visibility share & impact. For instance, a poster of A4 size might have a bigger impact than a banner of 6 sqft if deployed on the hotspot of the retail store. Thus, visibility share cannot determine the visibility impact. However, to simplify, we will only discuss about the visibility share in this section.

We at Channelplay record multiple reports from market for different accounts & analyse respective brand visibility share. We have generally categorised visibility in 3 sections:

  • External Branding (Facade, Signages, Hoardings, Lollypops, Flange, etc.)
  • Internal Branding  (ISB, POSMs, Standees, Etc.)
  • Products Visibility (Product placement wise share)

Let's discuss the same in detail, along with ways to analyse.

External Branding

It starts with a market visit by a visual merchandiser to assigned outlets to captures the reports basis application which is specifically designed to drive the behaviour of the VM in market. While he is at the outlet, he will check the external signages, facades & other external branding. He will also captures the competition external space & count of signages. This helps us in analysing brand vs competition display share in market w.r.t. external visibility

Internal Visibility

Following the same process, VM enters the store & captures the branding space & count of his own brand followed by competition brands inside the retail store. This helps us in analysing the internal visibility share of the store. few examples of internal branding are paper based POSMs, In shop Branding, fixtures etc.

Product Visibility

Once external & internal visibility data is captured, VM moves towards the product placement section where he checks enter record the brand's own product placement & competition product placement. This allows us to provide insights to brands with product category wise visibility share.


These insights, information & dashboards works as the eyes & ears in market for brands to help them in taking the right decisions. In today's world, brands needs to be updated on real time basis to cater to the dynamics of retail. Channelplay provides end to end support to brands in getting the real time update on market parameters to enable them in taking the right decisions at right time.

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