Cost-Effective Ways to Keep Your Outsourced Sales Team Engaged

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Cost-Effective Ways to Keep Your Outsourced Sales Team Engaged
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Effective engagement is paramount in outsourced sales teams, where individuals may not have the same level of connection to the company as in-house employees. Engaged sales representatives are not only more productive but also foster stronger client relationships and drive revenue growth. In the context of outsourcing, maintaining high levels of engagement becomes even more critical, as these teams often operate remotely or across different locations. Ensuring that outsourced sales team members feel valued, supported, and motivated is essential for achieving business objectives and maximising the return on investment in outsourcing partnerships. By recognising the importance of engagement and implementing strategies to foster it, organisations can unlock the full potential of their outsourced sales teams and drive sustainable success.

5 Budget-Friendly Tips to Engage Outsourced Sales Team:

Lets look at few critical elements that drive engagement within a outsource sales team along with cost effective activities to address these elements -

Smooth On-boarding : Making the outsource sales team part of the bigger organisation

1. One day session to on-board the team on all the internal processes such as  HR & Admin, Finance, IT. They should be shared the relevant contact information for all the functions to raise their query along with escalation matrix

2. Proper introduction of new member to the colleagues through proper means of communication e.g. an EDM, Whatsapp group, Weekly/Monthly meeting etc.

Regular Communication: Making the outsource sales team feel they are heard for any kind query/issue/suggestion

1. Monthly structured con-call by the program team with the field team which gives them a platform to voice out any suggestion/concern

2. Periodic market visit by the program team to meet the team on field- again a platform for the team to voice out any suggestion/concern

3. It is important to address all the suggestions/concerns and conclude in a timely manner so that the sales team on the field trust the process of regular communication

Rewards & Recognition: Making the outsource sales team motivated through proper rewards & recognition

1. Monthly/Quarterly leaderboard highlighting the top performers and same should be circulated to the entire team using all kinds of communication mediums- emails, monthly con-call, Whatsapp groups etc.

2. These top-performers should be given a certificate of appreciation signed by the Leadership team and also these certificates should be handed over in person in forum like weekly/monthly/quarterly meets

3. It is also important for leadership team of principle organisation to address the field team through – Video message/quarterly meets/annual meets/conference call etc. talking about overall business, future plans, new initiatives etc. so that the team feel aligned to overall business objective

Festival Greetings : Making the outsource sales team feel part of the community

1. Festival calendar to be devised for the year and structured festive wishes for all the festivals should be circulated . Cost effective gift hampers can also be distributed for the region wise major festivals

2. Personalised communication of work anniversaries, birthdays should be circulated

Employee Satisfaction Survey: Making the outsource sales team to express their feedback/concern

1. Quarterly/Bi-annually Employee Satisfaction Survey should be run to understand overall satisfaction level of the team while working in the defined roles

2. Survey results to be used in a constructive way to better the lives of the sales force.

3. An anonymous survey is always recommended 

Fostering engagement within an outsourced sales team is crucial for maximising productivity, motivation, and overall success. By addressing key elements such as smooth onboarding, regular communication, rewards and recognition, festival greetings, and employee satisfaction surveys, organizations can create a supportive and inclusive environment that promotes loyalty and high performance. These cost-effective strategies not only strengthen the bond between the outsourced sales team and the larger organization but also contribute to long-term success and profitability. By prioritizing engagement, companies can ensure that their outsourced sales teams feel valued, motivated, and aligned with the company's goals, ultimately driving sustainable growth and success.

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