Parameters of Quality Check in Visual Merchandising

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Parameters of Quality Check in Visual Merchandising
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Visual Merchandising is a common practice among many brands and agencies in India. However, not all of them prioritise quality checks after the execution of activities. We have encountered numerous clients who have shared their past experiences with agencies where no quality checks in visual merchandising were conducted, leading to serious issues. At Channelplay, we have formulated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for our teams in a way that emphasises Quality Control (QC) as an integral aspect of the visual merchandising program. There are distinct methods and activities within visual merchandising that require different quality control approaches, which we will explore in this article.  

In-store communications generally encompass three types of executions: Point of Sale Material (POSM) deployment, visual planogram adherence, and product planogram adherence. Let's delve into the various quality control approaches for each of these categories.

Quality Check for POSM Deployment

POSM deployment is an art that visual merchandisers should master through consistent and periodic training. Here are a few parameters for quality control in POSM deployment:

1. Space and Location: QC executives should verify the space and location of deployed POSMs in retail outlets. Ideally, POSMs should be placed at eye level, but different guidelines apply to different POSM types. For instance, posters should be eye-level and prominent, while danglers should hang at 9 ft height.

2. Grid Adherence: Each category of outlet receives a certain number of POSMs based on a predefined grid. QC executives must ensure that POSMs are deployed as per the specified grid.

3. Guideline Adherence: Some POSMs come with detailed guidelines, such as on-product POSMs for consumer electronics. QC executives should validate the accurate placement of stickers, posters, and shelf talkers according to these guidelines.

4. Accurate Information Capture: Thoroughly checking that the correct information is captured in required inputs is essential. Mistakes like capturing deployment under wrong POSM names should be rectified.

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Quality Check for Visual Planogram Execution

Visual planograms are designed by clients to ensure uniformity across stores and showcase their best offerings. When conducting quality control for visual planogram execution, the following points are crucial:

1. Sequencing: The sequence of visual planograms is determined by the priority of products. Flagship models/products hold priority for hotspot areas, and quality control should verify if the deployment order aligns with the priority.

2. Color Patterns: Brands attach significant importance to colour patterns as they represent brand identity. Quality control executives should scrutinise colour patterns in artworks to ensure fidelity to the client's design.

3. Artwork Ratio & Guidelines: Quality control should confirm that artwork ratio guidelines are followed during adaptation to different sizes and recce sizes.

Quality Check for Product Planogram Execution

Product planograms complement visual planograms and are designed to highlight a brand's offerings for a specific period. While conducting quality control for product planogram execution, consider the following parameters:

1. Before & After Images: Detailed review of before-and-after images is necessary to confirm correct product deployment as per guidelines.

2. Unavailable Products: In cases where products are unavailable in outlets, quality control executives should identify and report instances where the planogram couldn't be followed due to product unavailability.

3. Outlet Category Adherence: Different outlet categories may require distinct product planograms. Quality control should ensure that the right planogram is executed in the appropriate outlet type.

Channelplay, a leading visual merchandising agency, performs these types of quality checks for our clients. Quality control is integral from the program's inception and is included in the overall project agreement. It plays a crucial role in delivering desired results to our clients. For more insights on this process, we invite you to connect with us.

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