Channel / Trade Loyalty Program Management


Transforming the relationship between a brand and its trade partners from a purely transactional one to a more emotional relationship is the key to success in a competitive retail environment. The most important factors in this relationship are designing mutually beneficial scheme and incentive structures, ensuring quick and foolproof two-way communication, transparent pay-outs and driving emotional connects through personalized rewards and experiences.

We use our expertise across industries to design and run the perfect loyalty programs keeping in mind all these factors.

Designing successful business linked loyalty programs are our USP. We do so by keeping the following points at the center of any program

  • Designing optimum points strategy custom built to drive the desired behavior among trade partners
  • Regularly communicating with the partners through multiple platforms using the in-house CRM system
  • Driving superior creative design of the program theme and collateral
  • Ensuring that the reward logistics is a delighter instead of a pain point through better management

In all our programs we add a component of emotional connect which acts as the primary differentiator in our programs. Through this approach our programs result in the following.

- Experiential rewards through tie-ups with multiple service providers
- Transforming business relationships through personalized rewards
- Emotional gratification programs customized to individuals
- Providing differential treatment to identified high performers