Most Effective POSM Elements for Retail Visibility?

Visual Merchandising is anything and everything a customer sees at the place of business -Exterior and Interior both. It is, that creates a positive image of the business and helps influence the attention, interest, desire and action of the customer.

The main objective of Visual Merchandising elements is to attract customers to the place of business and thereby increase sale of the products inside it. This is offered to the customer through exterior and interior presentations with the intention of working towards evolving customer’s perspective, right from the outside to the inside of the place completely.

In a nutshell, visual merchandising with right elements helps in maintaining the overall brand image in the customer’s mind and thereby influence his/her decision to make a purchase.

Visual merchandising elements can be divided in two broad categories

A) Out store VM

Glow Sign boards - are the most attractive and affordable business promoting tools in visual merchandising. They help attract customer’s attention, tell about the business and its intended products. GSB’s should be simple, brief, well designed, brightly coloured and with well-spaced letters to convey a feeling of welcome. GSB’s can be made with various types of letters, such as Stainless steel, Aluminium, acrylic etc.

Banners – come with some unique advantages which makes them one the most desirable and widely used methods of visual merchandising even today. They are simple, easy to install, effective, light weight, easy to transport and above all they are customisable to shape, size and colour. Banners are the most cost effective and easy to manufacture with exactly just the right message to be conveyed to attract customers. They can be made from a large variety of materials like cloth, paper, flex, or PVC depending on the budget.

Flanges – if the businesses require passers to glance at their product or offer, then flanges are the right and excellent branding tools. Flanges are made from a durable material to withstand the outdoor weather conditions. flanges can be customised into several styles like non lit flanges with UV printing or Lit Flanges with LED modules and higher-grade materials.

Roll-up standees – are display banners on a stand and with their lightweight design and solid storage capabilities, they can be set up in seconds and very little effort. They are best used for promotional events, product launches, trade shows, business events etc. Standees are made from high quality flex and use of vibrant colours and bold letters does the job for the business.

B) In store VM

Danglers/Posters – can help in eliminating clutter from sales floors and counters but have the power to highlight the business message, thereby giving a tremendous visual impact. They are attractive, cost effective, interchangeable, maintenance free enhancements to any business. Danglers/posters are deployed generally in multi brand outlets.

End Cap– is a product/POSM placement shelf at the end of an isle in a retail outlet. It is believed that products placed on the end cap, tend to attract more customers than anywhere else at the store, thereby providing edge over the competition. The basic objective to use an end cap is to highlight the preferred products or new launches to increase impulse purchases.

In-shop Branding– to sell products, the business needs to decorate their place of business. To make the space look it is owned by a brand, it is required to put creatives and prints on the walls, glass, floor or pillars. The most widely accepted tools of in-shop branding are-

  • Wall/Pillar branding- Printed graphics on sun-board (direct or vinyl mounted) are applied to the walls/pillars for seeking customer attention
  • Glass branding- can be done on entrance/windows or partitions using various forms of vinyl prints. Branding on the glass is done to highlight any ongoing offers/discounts available thereby attracting footfall.

Channelplay helps clients across the industry from telecom to retail to banking, not only to install the exterior visual merchandising, but helps them in the production of the elements and shares their expertise in the right selection of branding elements to conveying the right message about the businesses. Please connect with us through our contact us page to know more.

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