Essentials of Signage Deployment in Retail sector

In our previous articles, we have highlighted in detail, the importance of signages and how do organisations benefit from them. Signages range from huge displays to small indoor/outdoor units. In this article we will understand about the important steps to be taken or followed for the signage deployment in retail.

Channelplay brings a compiled list of recommendations, best for making any large-scale execution a real success. Following are the main points to cover:


The first and foremost step towards planning is to take account of the operations. This includes:

  • Expert visual merchandising team & partners for manpower resourcing and scheduling
  • Understanding the brand requirements & guidelines
  • Finalizing the work order/ scope of work for optimizing the cost and budgets
  • Aligning professional regional vendors to determine infrastructure hurdles
  • Devise a day-wise plan for smoother and timely execution
  • Determine quantity based on the work order

Site/Location survey/Recce

Signage deployment is largely dependent on the site recce results and hence is the most critical to the success of the program. This process includes:

  • Effective route plan for the vendor team to cover 100% locations in predefined TAT
  • Retail profiling - locating and checking the on-ground availability of the store
  • Determine the right signage based on the space availability
  • Identify installation requirements
  • Take actual size for right creative adaptation and thereby production
  • Supporting all the data with digital photographs as reference for design purpose

Production & Installation

This is the part where one needs to be careful as it involves both, huge effort and cost at. It comprises of:

  • Finalizing the message content for the signage
  • Artwork adaptation based on brand guidelines and the site recce
  • Conducting a pilot roll out to confirm processes and procedures
  • Training the field team to accommodate adjustments
  • An exclusive project team for end to end coordination of the entire project with the client and regional teams


Channelplay ensures online reporting from site survey to production followed by installation is reported online through its in-house application. Following are the benefits-

  • 100% real-time reporting of the store survey and recce report
  • Visual photographs available for design reference
  • Client access enabled for real time feedback and improvements
  • Program status – ensuring customized graphical representation through client access
  • Quality work: every installation is thoroughly checked on field and through online reporting

Channelplay is and has been associated with a number of big and small brands for completing end to end large scale signage implementation programs and has been successful throughout.

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