Signage Maintenance in Retail

The exterior signages play an important role in retail industry. With an attractive and eye-popping signage, retail business can be sure that it is making their stores more visible and attracting the potential customers. However, like all other strategic assets, it is incredibly important to take good care of the exterior signages. The outdoor signs serve as assets or fixtures and it is therefore periodic maintenance is important.

There are variety of signages available in the market like:

  • ACP Signage
  • Glow sign board
  • Backlit signages
  • Non-Lit boards

Every signage needs care & maintenance but method to execute the same is different. For instance a ACP signage might need cleaning but a flex will not need cleaning but direct media replacement for the maintenance. Thus, we have categorised below mentioned methods which talks about ways of signage maintenance.

  • All Electrical equipment maintenance
  • Electricals & Lights
  • Flex/Vinyl change
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Acrylic letter repair/replacement
  • New ACP/GSB signage replacement
  • Cleaning

Now we know what are the ways of maintenance. But we also need to determine the need of maintenance. There are different signs which tells that your signage needs maintenance. You can identify when signage requires maintenance by below signs:

  • Flickering lights, partially lit or no light in the signage when it turned on
  • Signage lost the shine – vinyl faded & discoloured
  • Vinyl Sticker cracked or peeled off or torn
  • Angles and iron frame rusted & joints are broken.
  • Broken/damaged acrylic letters
  • Dirty & Untidy signages

There are different types of elements used under the signage maintenance process. Major ones are mentioned below:

  • ISI/BIS marked electrical fittings
  • 3M vinyl and star flex media
  • Eco solvent printing with lamination
  • Waterproof adapters/Power supply ISI or BIS marked

Channelplay offers signage maintenance services to various companies in the retail industry and across India through a team of experts who easily and regularly attend site for cleaning, surveying replacing/repairing the faults.

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