Visual Merchandising

In-Store Visual Merchandising

POP Materials such as posters, danglers, brochures etc. play an important role in shopper marketing, especially in the unorganized trade in India, but deploying them at scale is a challenge.

We are one of the leading POP deployment companies in India covering over 50,000 stores every month for brands across industries.

Our well-trained merchandiser team follows industry best practices to deliver the best quality and quantity of visibility within a retail store, and uses our 1Channel system to report merchandising along with photos, geolocation and timestamps to give clients real-time, transparent and reliable visibility into store level execution.

Product Planogram

A great product display is an important shopper marketing tool. For high-involvement products it brings products into the consideration set, helps deliver experience to move the buying cycle forward, and for low-involvement and impulse products - is often the only thing required for making the sale.

PoSM Asset Management
  • We have 12 warehouses and 8 offices across India and the number is growing.
  • We use in-house asset management portal that enables us to handle complex asset management scenarios.
  • Portal functionalities can be customized and developed as per client’s requirement.

PoSM Designing & Production

Creative Designing A carefully selected artwork and design can add personality to the integrated marketing communications. We have experienced creative partners who have have worked with some of the leading brands in IT, Telecom, Automobile and FMCG sector.
PoSM_Production Marketing world is dynamic and meeting stringent timelines is a must for effective production planning and execution. Our production partners have best-in-class production capability for a range of PoSM elements to fulfill your requirement.
PoSM Supply Chain Management Managing supplies of marketing material and ensuring availability at the right time is challenging. Our integrated supply chain management and warehousing techniques ensure on-time delivery of the right PoSM at the right location
In-Shop Branding We enable brands with quick and timely execution of in-store branding and take end to end accountability for such drives. Our team of experts deliver in-store space identification, hiring, measurement, creative designing, printing and deployment services

PoSM In-Store Maintenance

In-Store_Fixture_Recce_Hygiene Our reach spans across retail outlets of major industries including FMCG, telecom, apparel, consumer durables and more. Asset recce database creation helps brands in timely production of the new fixtures, translights and in-store brandings with correct measurements and eradicates any chances of size mismatch. We have a strong track record in asset / fixture recce activity with an error rate of only 5 percent.
In-Store Fixture Designing Fixture design plays a major role in grabbing customer attention at retail outlets. Fixtures should be designed in such a way that they relate to product, brand and customer. Our expert retail fixture designers have years of experience in designing of the fixtures and SIS designs.
In-Store_Fixture_Maintenance Every fixture needs maintenance and has a shelf life. Periodic maintenance of fixtures increases their shelf life and thus eliminates the additional marketing cost for brands. We help brands in onsite maintenance of SIS fixtures, in-store fixtures, wall fixtures, wall panels, translights and more.
In-Store Fixture Audit Quality check and status appraisal of fixture condition at retail stores is an important activity being conducted by brands now a days. It enables brands in checking the brand visibility share. We assist brands in conducting various fixture audits including fixture availability audit, SIS status audit and more.

Signage Deployment

Glow_Sign_Board_Deployment Brands now a days focus on Glow Sign Board (GSB) deployment at eye catching spaces outside retail outlets. We assist brands in capturing those spaces via dealer enrolment. We do pan India GSB deployment with a TAT of 7 Days in Top Towns and 25 days in remote locations.
Non-Lit Board Deployment Signage plays an important role in attracting prospective customers and increasing walk-ins. Deploying the right signage at the right location is vital for effective and efficient marketing. We help brands in deployment of Non-Lit Boards (NLBs) in various markets across India. They are usually deployed in low profile rural markets or markets having a low count of sales outlets.
GSB_Hygiene_Audit Glow Sign Board (GSB) is mostly deployed in open areas where its look and feel is dulled by pollution, dust, bad weather etc. Its cleanliness plays an important role in improving customer walk-ins, brand perception and dealer loyalty. We assist brands in GSB hygiene and audits at pan India level.
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