Why Outsource Sales Staffing Programs?

In today’s business environment, outsourcing of sales staffing is a common practice. “Every coin has two sides” – outsourcing of sales staffing has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Let’s look at the major advantages which outweigh the disadvantages for which outsourcing is significantly prevalent.

  • Low cost of running operation & enhanced ROI:

While running a sales staffing program there are several auxiliary cost elements that is unavoidable – back-end team of recruitment, pay-roll, compliance, admin, finance & IT. Outsourcing helps minimize the cost as the agency deploys shared teams who works for multiple programs passing on the cost benefit the to the principle organization.

  • Flexibility of running operation:

Every business is dynamic and demands flexibility in running operations. This flexibility gives brands an edge to cope with the changing dynamics at a faster pace. Imagine scenarios where brands are required to build a large field sales team in no time or reduce size sales team drastically. In such scenarios, outsourcing helps as an agency is well equipped to face such challenges at a much faster pace, whereas brands have to react phase wise. For brands, hiring a large field force will also involve hiring of auxiliary teams, making of policies & processes thus, reducing ROI and wastage of resources. 

  • Focus on productivity:

When sales operation – recruitment, employee life cycle management (pay-roll & medical benefits, leave management, claim payouts, engagement activities, compliance, admin), field discipline, etc. are taken care by the agency, it becomes much easier for brands to focus on primary objective of driving business.

  • Leverage knowledge:

An agency by nature is exposed to multiple businesses across industries. The experience of the agency of running similar programs can be leveraged by the brands where the agency becomes extended arm of the brand. Insight of the agency in different strategies of the brands can be really useful for the brand to make the strategies successful.

  • Avoid reinvention of the wheel:

Setting up different policies and processes consumes a lot of time & effort and requires continuous improvement. Brands can leverage agency's experience of running similar programs in the same industry. Thus, the policies and processes are already set & have evolved over time which can help brands speed up their go-to-market strategy. 

  • Leverage technology solution:

Creating technology infrastructure to drive on field discipline attracts huge investment which gets added to running a sales staffing program. Thus, outsourcing gives brands advantage of avoiding the capital expenditure and also leveraging an evolved technology at much lesser operational expenditure. Important point to consider here is that an agency should have an in-house technology solution to reduce dependencies and ensure there is no third party involvement. Read more here about how to shortlist your sales staffing agency.

Decision of outsourcing sales staffing is an important one which has the potential to impact on overall success of the brand and if done right, can transform your business.

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