In-Store Sales Management

In-Store Promoter

In-shop promoter is the first link between a brand and its customer. People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy and therefore a promoter has to understand the need of the customer and suggest a solution accordingly.

Channelplay, along with its domain expertise, has a pool of in-shop promoters with the right skill sets which helps brands sell from retail.

In_Store Demonstration

In-store demonstration provides consumers an opportunity to experience the product thereby playing a critical role in the consumer decision journey. It must be carried out by by well-trained demonstrators who can:

-Explain the benefit of the product

-Resolve queries on product features

-Encourage the customer to purchase the product

Promotion Maximization During short burst promotional campaigns, initiative promoters help brands maximize their sales by convincing the walk-in customers about new schemes and promotional activity. These promoters are strategically placed in the modern trade and use live demos or visual aids for converting the prospect.
New Launch Activation

The objective of promoters managing ‘New Launch Activation’ is to maximize sell-through from the counter as the interest levels in the product are high during the launch phase. Promoters engage with various stakeholders inside the store including store staff so that the launch activation is carried out seamlessly and creates maximum buzz.

The key activities include:

  • Ensuring a strategic location is allocated for the product
  • Engaging with consumers
  • Putting up promotional merchandise

Channel Sales Management

Channel Sales Our experienced channel sales team is assigned different territories / channels / markets to manage relationships with retailers and ensure secondary sales. These teams are responsible for achieving sales targets, profitability and partner recruitment objectives.
Distribution Extension Channelplay helps brands to expand their width of distribution in uncharted territory. FOS with market knowledge and extensive experience in channel expansion are deployed to ensure proper reach in a timebound manner.
Brand_Penetration Our team has extensive experience in increasing the depth of distribution. We deploy FOS to make retailers realize the importance of range selling and push for billing all the SKU’s. Range selling helps retailers make more profit which in turn is a win-win situation for all the stakeholders.
Productivity_enhancement Leveraging modern technological methods we help to increase productivity of each of your channel partner through continuous monitoring, training and motivation. This in turn helps you realize more revenue against every rupee spent thereby increasing overall organizational productivity

Retail Coverage Expansion

Coverage_Validation Channelplay helps you validate your coverage by checking on your channel partners basis pre-defined criteria including current sales, last sales date, average order value etc. This helps you in ascertaining your actual productivity and enables you to plan further coverage expansion.
Retail footprint addition Our expert FOS teams visit the market and help you win more retailers by convincing them to sell your product. They use their existing network and domain knowledge to win you more outlets where you can place your products, thereby increasing the secondary sales of your product.
Competition Footprint Mapping Organizations must keep a close watch on their competitors so that competition does not march over them in terms of sales and distribution. This is where we fit in. Our FOS teams help keep tab on competitor’s retail foot print which helps you in planning your action to stay ahead at all times. This also helps you in devising future plans for increasing retail footprint keeping competition landscape in mind.
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