The art of silent sales: Part 1

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The art of silent sales: Part 1

The Art of Silent Sales - Part 1

It was 6 years ago in the bustling market of Karol Bagh that Ravi set out to buy his first smartphone. He went to a multi-brand store and began looking for options.  

He had just cleared his class XII, and was eager to get the next job at hand. At the store, he saw a man fixing some kind of spotlight. When the light shone on some smartphone, it appeared greener--'the grass is green on the other side’ kind of ‘greener’.  

But—for there always are but’s in a story--he simply went to the salesperson and said, “Sabse sasta vala kaun sa hai.” It was his father’s money after all.

That day, two things happened. First, he decided his next phone would be that 'greener' one, and second, he realized the power of that light and the power of that man.

A silent sale.

Well, after that, it’s not difficult to surmise that Ravi’s first job was that of a visual merchandiser. One year at that agency, where transparency was a luxury he could only dream of. Assigned a meagre lump sum amount for monthly conveyance, he braved the chaotic streets on a shoestring budget.  


Fate had bigger plans for Ravi. A satisfied client from that agency referred him to Channelplay, opening doors to a realm where his true potential would shine.

Four years have passed since Ravi joined Channelplay. And he has mastered the game. He is now that ‘man’. He knows the drill. Conducting display audits to ensure his brand (Godrej) stands tall among the competitors, meticulously assessing placement and presentation, ensuring each product aligns with the brand’s vision—all this has become child’s play for him. And that light? The light game was something he had learnt a long time ago. I need not even mention that, do I?

Amidst all this, I asked him, “What are your suggestions for Channelplay?” (I make sure I always ask this of any employee I meet.)


Suggestions—NIL. I wrote, for the first time in my notebook.  

Just to be sure, I reiterated, “Is there anything you’d like Channelplay to improve?”

“NO,” he smiled.

I looked at him in awe, as he captured a picture of the POSM next to him with his iPhone.  

Is it that ‘greener’ phone? I wondered.

To be continued…