Mystery Shopping - Measuring Staff Courteousness

Staff courteousness is one of the crucial elements which are observed in mystery shopping while assessing in-store manpower. Courtesy can be defined as “using accepted, appropriate or exceptional manners, as interpreted from the consumer’s perspective to meet or exceed the expectations of the customer.”

Courtesy among individuals and organizations has long been recognized in all major societies of the world as a sign of respect and civility. Even among parties with different points of view it sets a tone of mutual respect with which further productive dialog and successful outcomes may be achieved. In all its forms and styles, courteous behavior, has been hailed by everyone as a foundation of good manners and goodwill­ from which all other good things may follow.

In today’s business environment, we are subject to the forces of downsizing, customer satisfaction, customer retention, revenue loss, and streamlining of services. How customers are treated is often the difference between organizations that succeed and those that fail. Courtesy, and the behaviors involved in it are integral to achieving recognition and customer satisfaction.

Courtesy is expressed as a wide range of respectful behaviors and positive attitudes. Personal characteristics and behaviors that were repeatedly expressed by our partners as essential elements of courteous behavior are:

  • Willingness to discover opportunities to exceed the customer's expectations
  • Sincerity
  • A friendly smile (even over the phone)
  • Using the person's last name (unless the customer indicates otherwise)
  • A neat appearance
  • Proper use of the language
  • Exceptional listening skills (attentiveness)
  • A relaxed and natural tone of voice
  • Appropriate eye contact
  • Clear communication at the customer's comprehension level and
  • Knowledge about the product or service
Staff courteousness is an extension of the ethics and sincerity towards customers of the brand itself and there may or may not be processes laid out emphasizing the same. A customer may be availing your products and services even though the staff is very transactional but that will be it, courteous treatment will make a customer a promoter of your brand.

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