The Importance of Store Planograms

Malls & high walk-in places are generally considered as high revenue markets. Thus, every brand incurs a good amount of available budget on marketing spends on these market places. Despite, all these efforts, improving customer time spend in outlets is a challenge which is directly proportional to increase in sales per walk-in.

There are few basics activities which all retailers should do such as store hygiene, ambience, look & feel, colour theme, lightings etc. However, one thing which they sometime miss is maintaining store planograms. Before discussing on how a planogram can be made we need to understand what is its importance?

Importance of Planogram: If i owned a retail store which sells laptops, my first priority would be to hold walk-ins for some extra time within store so that potential customers can be converted. Now, to do that, i should be able to present the best which i have to offer. So that my customers should be able to check the latest & best options. Sometimes, retailers tend to showcase the old stocks considering they will sell what is lying from quite some time, but they fail to understand that customers now a days are very well aware about the latest trends in market. They may or may not ask for the latest product. In most of the cases potential customers walk out of the store without asking anything. Reason behind is that they didn't find anything attractive enough in the store. So the best way apart from basic hygiene points is to maintain the planogram in the store & ensuring to present what they have to offer.

Methods of Maintaining a Planogram: Every store has "hotspots" which means a prominent location having maximum or direct visibility for walk-ins. These hotspots can be more than one depending upon the size of the store. Generally, effective way to maintain the planogram is prioritising the hotspots in your store & placing the visuals & products basis the priority which you have set. Highest priority should be given to those products & visuals which are the best offerings from your end. It plays an important role in creating a trigger in customer's mind about the level of brand & features your are providing.

For instance, if you visit a apple exclusive store anywhere in India, you will find iPhone X branding & product display on most prominent location followed by other products made by apple. Considering that Apple has iPhone X as the best product to offer currently, you will find it being displayed across outlets.

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