Can’t Help Falling in Love (with Channelplay)

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Can’t Help Falling in Love (with Channelplay)

Can’t Help Falling in Love (with Channelplay)

The other day as I stepped into the elevator, I overheard Abhinav Joneja say to his colleague, “Channelplay is like Red Bull. It gives you wings.” Intrigued, I asked him, what made him say so. And then what followed next was an engaging conversation over lunch. “I joined Channelplay in 2015 in the training department in e-commerce. 2016, I was in Mystery Shopping, and now I’m heading multiple programs in SFO. There’s hardly a department here, I haven’t worked in.”

Well, if we look at numbers--revenue, number of clients et al--we are succeeding. But the important question is how we define success. 'Happy employees equal a successful organization,' is a classic cliché. But clichés sometimes ring true. I think this one does (at Channelplay).

Vikas Kumar, National Recruitment Manager at Channelplay, says, “What I like most is our open-door policy. I can walk up to my manager or my CEO any day, suggest changes, discuss things. And the best part? It works!”

Acknowledgement does go a long way. People feel seen. People feel confident to share ideas. More ideas mean (some) more good ideas. And good ideas make things happen.Elementary, Dr. Watson.

Having run large-scale businesses for 16 years, with over 7,500 project employees, it is difficult to have a cheerful team all across the board.

But Channelplay tries. Aditi Mehta, Senior Program Manager for Apple, says, “I have switched jobs very frequently, but I see myself playing a long innings at Channelplay. I just love being here.”

The Employment Satisfaction Survey (ESS) for JFM’23 revealed an overall satisfaction rate of 8.01. Not a 10, but we are working on it.

In the words of Gaurav Pant, Group Program Manager, who returned to Channelplay after working with competitor brands, “Vahan raat ke ek bajte the toh bura lagta tha, yahan khud hi man karta hai kaam karne ka.” 'We are owners,' is a core Channelplay value, which is all that Gaurav seems to be saying in his own words.

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