“Ok Google, find me 300 salespersons”. “Sure, calling Channelplay…”

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“Ok Google, find me 300 salespersons”. “Sure, calling Channelplay…”

“Ok Google, find me 300 salespersons”. “Sure, calling Channelplay…”

It was 9:40 AM already, I was on the Metro on the way to office. I noticed a smartly dressed young woman, dressed impeccably in formals, carrying a laptop bag and a big black portfolio. Her nervous demeanour and frequent glances at her watch made me think that she was likely on her way to an interview.

My daily commute serves as a window into the lives of ambitious job seekers, brimming with determination, and clutching their aspirations close. The irony is obvious. So many jobs, so many job seekers. Dots, unconnected.

This is the challenge that most companies face, particularly when it comes to sales roles. As a company that prides itself in delivering execution in channel, we take our ‘recruitment game’ very seriously.

“We have managed to develop a talent pipeline,” shares Vikas Kumar, National Recruitment Manager at Channelplay. “We believe in nurturing relationships with potential candidates, which allows us to promptly meet client demands for large-scale hirings.”

All set to hire more than 5,000 salespersons this quarter, the Channelplay recruitment team can handle scale. Small wonder given that this team itself has 75 people. Diversified sourcing, a tech driven process for candidate management, and an ever improving system to identify ‘fit,’ all contribute to making it the most powerful recruitment system.

“We understand that every client has unique needs. Not every candidate fits every profile. Our rigorous screening process, extensive background verification, and close working with the program teams ensure that we get the right candidates for our clients,” mentions Pratima Tomar, Senior Recruitment Manager at Channelplay.

Do you have people-intensive execution plans in the channel? Think Channelplay!