The art of silent sales: Part 3

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The art of silent sales: Part 3

Art of Silent Sales - Part 3

If you missed out on the 'what' of our story, catch up with Part 1, and if you missed the 'how' segment, read Part 2.

After enduring the gruelling traffic in the sweltering mid-summer heat, Dinesh finally enters the Samsung Experience store in the N block of Connaught Place at 11 AM. He wipes his forehead with a handkerchief, keeps his bag at the entrance, and greets the store manager.

With a practiced motion, he advances to the TV section, his eyes catching the absence of the top right sticker sees the top right sticker, 65’on the TV. He swiftly makes a note of it, and places a new sticker neatly. Very neatly. Samsung, in place. Check. Crystal 4k UHD, in place. Check.

As a visual merchandiser with Channelplay for the last four years, there is hardly an on-product POSM (point-of-sale material) that misses his eyes.

So many SKUs, so many types, and definitely so many POSMs guidelines—yet, he seldom needs to open the PDF on his phone to go through them, because, as he says, “Ab toh saari guidelines yaad hi hogaya hai.

This goes on, product after product, store after store.

21 kilometres away, Kripal Singh, walks into the Croma store at the Ambience Mall in Gurugram, notebook in hand. He checks off #3 Croma under the ‘Jun 7’ page.

Attendance--check. POSMs--check. Picture--check. Comment--check. Finally, store--check.

The app efficiently assists Area Operations Managers like Kripal keep a check of all the checks. So the entire beat plan is followed. Day in and day out.  

They have honed the skills in tracking share of shelf and matching it with the competitors. Detailed reports are maintained and presented to the clients.  

Competition benchmarking--check.

Kripal takes pride in his work, expressing his delight, “Bahut sara skill develop kiya hai. Ab to Google docs bhi seekh gaye hain khud hi, YouTube se.”

Visual merchandisers, or silent salespersons, indeed play a vital role in enhancing the brand image.

Some credit goes to Channelplay, for the streamlined approach and efficient planning, which have made the challenging job of a visual merchandiser more manageable, more satisfactory.

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