Channelplay Case Study

Ampere a subsidiary of Greaves Cotton does a Mystery Audit for Dealers

The Indian Electric scooter and Motorcycle Market is expected to reach $698.3 million by 2025, registering CAGR of 36.3% during the forecast period. The major driving factors for the growth of the market are the rising concerns over greenhouse gas emissions leading to several government initiatives, and implementation of stringent emission regulations in coming years. The Indian government is supporting the electric vehicles market by providing subsidies on the purchase of electric cars and two-wheelers. Subsidies and regulatory environment can go a long way in pushing the sales of electric vehicles.

The market size for electric scooters have been higher compared to electric motorcycles market size till now. This is chiefly attributed to the factor such as low cost of electric scooters as compared to electric motorcycles, considerable number of electric scooter models in the market, and higher affordability than its motorcycle counterpart.

Uttar Pradesh is the largest market of electric scooters and motorcycles in India. It is the most populated state in India, having population of more than 200 million in 2017. The state is the largest market for motorcycles and accounts for 15% of the total sales volumes, and the penetration of electric scooter and motorcycle is increasing in the state. In addition, rising women users specially in tier 2 and tier 3 cities is further leading to increased demand of electric scooter in the state. Major OEMs are focusing to increase their share by expanding dealer networks in the state. The other prominent market for electric scooters in India are Maharashtra, West Bengal, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu.

About Ampere Electric Scooters

Ampere Scooters started its operations in India in the year 2008. The price of the scooter ranges between INR 27K to 67K. Ampere offers 5 different variants of scooter of which Ampere Zeal is the leading model. The most popular names in the line-up include Magnus, V48, Reo, Zeal and Reo Elite. Ampere has more than 180+ dealers spread across the country.

Ampere scooters competes with the likes of Hero Electric, Ather Energy, 22Kymco and Okinawa in the electric scooter space. The electric two-wheeler segment grew by whopping 141% in 2018 (calendar year) vis-a-vis 2017.

Advantages of the electric scooter

  • Storage space:The electric scooter has an area under the seat that allows us to carry bags, packages or backpacks in any comfort.
  • Fuel savings:One of the significant advantages of the electric scooter is substantial for the pocket of the final consumer- the considerable savings in gasoline.
  • Freedom: Get from Point A to Point B fast, no more waiting for the bus, waiting for the taxi.
  • Ecology and respect for the environment: Every time we use an electric scooter we are contributing our bit to that ecological spirit that should be present in our daily lives.
  • Lower maintenance cost among many other differences with gasoline engines: The electric motor does not need to spend time or money on maintenance tasks such as oil changes, filters, etc.

Problem statement

Ampere by Greaves has more than 180+ dealers spread across India. Ampere wanted to assess the dealers with respect to certain parameters to gauge actual situation on the ground and accordingly take corrective actions.

Channelplay Solution

Channelplay has pool of auditors spread across the country with 10+ Years of experience in conducting similar kind of Audits.

Channelplay designed a questionnaire comprising of following parameters: -

  • Sales-product display, leaflet/brochure availability, scheme banner.
  • Services- charging station, ramp in service area, workshop equipment, general tools availability and service manpower availability.
  • Corporate Identity: front signages, Ampere logo and branding, POSM visibility.
  • Dealership Safety and statutory Norms: socket availability, electric wires, fire extinguishers.
  • Basic Hygiene: cleanliness of the stores, condition of the furniture, working condition of AC.

Once the questionnaire was finalized post discussion with Ampere team, the next step was to   Select the auditors, training of auditors & assessing auditor’s capabilities to execute this audit in the respective locations.


Channelplay had successfully completed the audits across the country and given all the insights with respect to above parameters, also showcase the best 5 dealers and low performing 5 dealers. Channelplay had highlighted each dealers’ pros and cons. Also drill down questions on each parameter with all the proofs (Pictures of the dealer stores) presenting them on state of the art dashboards.

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits