Channelplay Case Study

Market Research Interviews for a Menswear Brand

Blackberrys, one of India’s leading premium menswear fashion brand, wanted to have deeper understanding of their Shirts & Trousers consumers in order to design operational & marketing communication strategies for next wave of growth in the said categories.


  • Channelplay intended to cover all segments of consumers as follows:
    • Loyalists: Who are regular buyers of the target Blackberrys category
    • Detractors: Who have not purchased target Blackberrys category from the last 12 months or more
    • Inter-category buyers: Who purchase other Blackberrys category and not the target category
  • A mix of bigger (Metro & Tier 1) and smaller (Tier 2 & beyond) city consumers were selected to have cohesive insights
  • The research was conducted at consumer’s home in order to do their wardrobe profiling
  • A tele-calling team was set up to schedule appointments with consumers and Depth interviews were conducted at the scheduled time slots
  • The interviews were video/audio graphed for analysis reference later


The research provided inputs to the client around the following aspects:

  • Wardrobe profile of consumer
  • Attitudes, opinions & beliefs about brands
  • Buying behavior - Occasions & frequency
  • Buying considerations
  • Brand preference & satisfaction
  • Feedback and expectations from Blackberrys

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Topics: Market Research