Channelplay Case Study

In Store VM for PhonePe

Key objectives of this project was to deploy the PoSM material for campaign awareness offer communication to 1500 locations in 150 towns across India along with merchant's/consumer's awareness about the PhonePe brand. Major activities in project execution were as follows:


  • Aligning visual merchandisers team across 150+ towns to be covered.
  • Training of the ground team on new offer communication & brand, material deployment guideline, report capturing through mobile application
  • Sorting outlets cluster wise and uploading in online tracking system for report capturing
  • Making effective roadmap for VM visit and target assigning to cover all of the locations within the timeline agreed with client
  • End to end management of material dispatch from client production site to difference VM hubs across India for the deployment
  • Material deployment by ground team and geo tagged report capturing, sharing daily coverage glimpse pictures of deployment.
  • Reporting & Validation of the data captured by field team
  • End to end Coordination of the entire activity between merchants, client regional team and on ground merchandisers.


  • 100% TAT adherence and coverage of all of the outlets listed by the client for coverage
  • Uniform visibility and deployment as per guideline suggest by client
  • Increased consumer/merchant awareness about brand, service & scheme
  • Time effective & productive coordination of the activity with 100% involvement of all stake holders

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Topics: Visual Merchandising & Signage