Channelplay Case Study

Inventory Audit Software for Warehouse Audit

A leading mystery shopping company in India used 1View to evaluate the inventory management for an IT brand by its partners across India. Inventory audits were conducted across all the specified warehouses on the same daychecking if the inventory levels were as per the master stock report and validating any variance that was observed in the audit. The evaluation was done on following key parameters:

  • Physical inventory available
  • Monitor Inventory Deviation
  • Validate Inventory count with proofs


The agency used 1View for all aspects of managing the inventory audit program such as:

  • Profiling and sourcing of seasoned auditors confident to carry out large volume stock audits
  • Questionnaire designing to evaluate the count of inventory available at the stores
  • Integration of 1View with Learning Management System to train shoppers on the audit process and flow of activities to ensure full proof inventory evaluation
  • Conducting shopper certifications to ensure that every opportunity is assigned to the most suitable applicant
  • Processing and validating large number of photographic and document proofs within short time span

1View’s advanced functionality was especially useful for:

  • Imparting extensive training to the shoppers. Integration with an LMS to provide the shoppers extensive training material which helped the team to overcome this challenge
  • Calculation deviation in the  inventory at the stores. The team used the Inventory Deviation Calculation feature of 1View to overcome this challenge
  • Processing and validating large number of photographic and document proofs. The team used the Media Explorer functionality of 1View to overcome this challenge


1View successfully fulfilled the requirements of the client and helped them to gain valuable insights on:

  • The actual inventory count was compared with the system generated inventory report and the variation was recorded in the report
  • Actionable reports being shared with the client also showed the reason for variation in the inventory count
  • Inventory deviation calculation at the stores helped the client to identify the inventory deviation at different stores

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