Channelplay Case Study

Mystery Shopping For A Cinema Brand


The client partnered with Channelplay to gather information about ground level operations at its outlets through mystery audits. We sourced qualified mystery shoppers and trained them to conduct audits, collect data, and share insights such that it helped our client understand the current status of their theatre’s operational compliance.

Various parameters to measure compliance included ticket window operation, general hygiene inside theater & cafeteria, staff grooming and the overall cinema experience.


For providing consistent customer experience, our client had set certain operational guidelines. By mystery shopping we helped in checking if these were being followed completely and correctly.

The most important aspect was profiling of mystery shoppers based on age, gender and education. Other challenges included:

  • Extensive questionnaire design with insight oriented questions
  • Ensuring sanctity of data and adherence to flow of activity
  • Visit validation with appropriate proofs


The client gained valuable insights from the mystery shopping exercise. The key outcomes were:

  • Understanding of the operational issues at cinema outlets
  • Identification of improvement areas basis the report highlighting the variance in process compliance

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits