Channelplay Case Study

Mystery Shopping for a Value Fashion Retail Brand

1India Family Mart, one of the well penetrated value fashion retail brands, wanted to conduct mystery shopping to maintain standard service quality across all its retail outlets. The client wanted to ensure complete uniformity in terms of products, hygiene and service in all stores.


The approach adopted to successfully deliver the scope of work was as under:

  • Evaluating store hygiene conditions based on Interior & Exterior maintenance
  • Objectively defining product display standards & branding
  • Evaluating staff interaction based on greeting, product knowledge & sales process adherence
  • Performing a purchase scenario to evaluate billing process


The client was provided with store-wise ratings and trend analysis on various parameters – Store Exterior and Interior, Baggage and Trolley Assistance, Product Display and Branding, Sales Interaction and Grooming Standards, Trial Room and Billing Process. As per the analysis the client took necessary actions to enhance the store hygiene and introduce relevant training programs for their staff.

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Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits