Channelplay Case Study

Market Research through for a Leading Payment Solutions Provider

SBI Cards wanted to identify improvement areas on Demand as well as Supply side for driving its sales of Credit Cards across major brand outlets (Big Bazaar, Central, Tata Croma, Star Bazaar). The sub-objectives of the study included:

  • Demand side research - Customer Feedback: To evaluate customer’s experience of the sales pitch given to them by the SBI Credit card sales representatives & to identify the reasons for not applying for the credit card.
  • Supply side - Observation Research: To evaluate the approachability, effectiveness & efficiency of SBI Credit card sales representatives present at major brand outlets.


The approach adopted to successfully deliver the scope of work is as follows:

  • Extensive questionnaires were designed to capture survey details of both customer surveys & observation surveys.
  • Customer Feedback: Placed surveyors at brand outlets in order to engage with those customers, who experienced a sales pitch by SBI sales representatives.
  • Observation Research: Placed surveyors at brand outlets to observe & keep track of SBI sales representatives for a continuous time duration of 1-2 hrs (once at weekday & weekend each).
  • Adequate systems were established to enable real-time data collection and cleaning


The research helped generate insights around the Sales representatives on the below parameters:

  • Customer Approachability
  • Drive & Action
  • Effectiveness & Efficiency
  • Sales Pitch
  • Availability of requisite sales material with the representative
  • Blockers/de-motivators for availing SBI credit cards by the Customer

Topics: Market Research