Channelplay Case Study

Partner Payout Program for a Leading Computer Peripheral Brand

The Brand is a global brand in the IT & Computer peripheral industry. The brand is globally recognized across its Industry leading products in cameras & printers besides others and is now a household name. The brand also happens to be our existing client for management of their consumer promos / offers for its printer division. The brand usually rewards its channel partners via passing through benefits , on achieving sales milestones in a defined period of time. The brand was already working with some other agency for the past few years but due to Channelplay’s proven credentials in managing its consumer promos , the brand thought to invite Channelplay in the RFP for Partner Payout Program as well.

Problem Statement

The brand had worked with other agencies in the past but they had always faced select few or most of the below challenges :

  • No automation or digitization of the payout program.
  • Lack of quality program management
  • Lack of helpdesk support for inbound queries
  • Delay in releasing of payout to partners
  • No periodic reporting
  • Increasing complaints from Partners
  • Lack of experience in managing TDS through payouts

The brand wanted to stay ahead of its competition and give an incentive to its partners who prefer their brand but they were facing the challenge to find a right agency this time. This Payout had to happen in the last quarter of FY 19-20 for the Brand was highly critical and at that moment , Channelplay pitched its credentials and proven track record of managing such projects and  presented that Channelplay manages similar programs and also manages payouts of 6000 people via its Sales Force Staffing solutions across India.

Channelplay Solution

Channelplay , as part of its Payout Management solutions understood the above mentioned Problem statements and devised an end-to-end automated framework to process the payouts of the voucher/reward the brand’s partners .


Channelplay designed the below mentioned process :


To fulfil the same , Channelplay accomplished the below activities :

  • Designing & development of weblink
  • OTP based customer authentication
  • KYC audits & communication
  • Voucher/reward procurement & dispatch
  • Voucher activations upon KYC authentication
  • Helpdesk support
  • Periodic reporting
  • TDS management


With the successful Partner payout campaign , Channelplay managed to entertain big volume payouts with successful verification of over 90% partners .

Channelplay ensured that only legit partners were rewarded with the activated vouchers/rewards within a specified TAT.

Through this Partner Payout Program , the Brand has managed to won over the loyalty of their partners and would be able to drive ROI in the coming future. Now, this program’s scope would increased from Annually to Quarterly with Channelplay as the preferred partner.

Channelplay and the Brand continues to build a healthy professional relationship.

Topics: Loyalty Programs