Channelplay Case Study

Mystery Shopping for a Contact Lens Brand

Johnson & Johnson, one the largest pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturing company, wanted to conduct mystery shopping for their contact lenses brand Acuvue. The company’s objective was to be the first and most recommended brand by the ophthalmologists & optical stores, when it came to the use of eye lenses.

The following parameters were assessed as a part of the audit:

  • Eye Examination- To check if the available Ophthalmologist offered eye examination to the customer and was the existing eye glass user asked to get his lens power-checked.
  • Recommendation- Was Johnson & Johnson ACUVUE lenses the first brand recommendation
  • Need Identification- Did the sales staff ask the customer relevant questions to identify his needs and followed the sales process suggested by the brand 
  • Sales Experience- Evaluating the sales staff selling skills and solution orientation


  • Identifying auditors using spectacles
  • Intensive training of the auditors to make them identify all the technicalities of eye checkup and product specifications
  • The entire interaction with the consultant was supported with audio recording to assess the product knowledge & selling skills from a standard lens 


Based on the scores after the evaluation, Johnson & Johnson was able to compare the stores' performances with the Asia-Pacific benchmark and identify stores where they can invest and make them their model stores.  

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits