1Voice - Distributor Management System

Distributor Management Solution for Complete Automation of Sales & Distribution Process


1Voice, a cloud-based Distributor Management System, helps your channel distributors to efficiently manage all their regular activities such as Goods Receipt, Stock Transfer, Secondary Order Processing, Schemes Management, Invoicing and many more.

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1Voice comes with an exhaustive, at the same time easy-to-use, Master data Management functionality. The flexibility ensures that it can handle any business scenario such as very complicated geographical or organizational hierarchy, unusually long product hierarchy, complicated trade schemes, ever-changing taxation rules etc. With numerous in-built validations, 1Voice ensures only correct master data is uploaded in the system.


Depending on the industry, processes and workflow of your distributors' operations may vary to a great extent. For example, some may require a GRN validation against each primary order, some may want invoicing should be allowed before delivery challan etc. Also, not just the workflow, some input data such as type of schemes, SKU to UOM mapping etc. can differ across industry.  Thanks to its plug-and-play architecture, 1Voice can be modified to be used for any industry.


A DMS solution should ideally work in sync with the SFA application that is used by the field sales team. Many information such as distributor stock, order, delivery, collection etc. needs to be exchanged between these two systems on a real time basis. As 1Voice comes with an off-the-shelf integration with 1Channel, a cutting-edge Sales Force Automation solution used globally, you can make full use of your DMS solution from the day one.


In 1Voice you will find endless options to visualize your data. With this solution, you get access to one of the world’s leading BI / Analytics engine which can generate any complex report or highly interactive dashboard without any additional cost. No need to worry if you are too busy to open the system to check the data. We will deliver the same in your mail box whenever you want.

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