Mystery Shopping & Audit Software for End-to-End Operations Management.

    With intuitive survey design, seamless shopper management, reliable field data collection using apps and cutting-edge dashboards for clients - 1View is the only software Mystery Shopping Companies need to manage their complete business process.

    Mystery Shopping


    • Shopping App
    • Audit Proof Navigator
    • Custom Questionnaires
    • Shopper Navigation Assistance
    • Multimedia Proof collection
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    Retail Audits


    • Live Reporting
    • Time Bound Campaigns
    • Shopper GPS Verification
    • Audit Excellence Reports
    • Real Time Notifications
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    Inventory Audits


    • Offline App Access
    • Multimedia Uploads
    • Inventory Deviation Calculation
    • Bar Code Scanner
    • Recommended Audits
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     Product Highlights
    Project Management.png

    Project Management

    Monitor ongoing projects in your portal on a single screen, effectively track deadlines, view count of shops in different stages of the project execution timeline to plan accordingly. Appraise management and client of project progress through automatically generated MIS reports. Execute difficult locations with suggested shoppers intelligently picked by matching profile and location specifics with the project requirements. Track multiple projects simultaneously through dedicated reports automatically consolidating data generated across clients.

    Shopper Training and Certifications

    Intelligent system checks ensure that a shopper has gone through the training material and is certified even before they apply for a shop. Flexibility to link multiple certifications to a single audit and vice versa. Support for LMS so you can simply upload courses you think are important for shoppers to take and monitor their progress via LMS dashboards. Once cleared for performing a particular audit, the shoppers can continue to do audits of the same project unless you decide to change the certification as per your extended requirements.

    Shopper Training and Certfications .png
    Shopper Portal.png

    Shopper Portal

    Applying for opportunities and reporting is now a breeze with an intelligent shopper portal designed from scratch to enhance user experience. Intuitive user interface makes applying for opportunities feel like a joy rather than a choice. Shoppers are kept notified of events like shop assignment or a report being accepted so they are always up to date on the status of the shops they applied or worked for.


    Client Analytics

    Best-in-class BI tool integration ensures quick deployment of customized and interactive dashboards for you to get complete insight of your operations and decide on the action items. Custom parameters ascertain synchronization with your client’s business terminology and complete flexibility in terms of data slicing. Deep dive into specifics with Excel reports to provide store level insights & deliver true value by helping your clients make data backed decisions.

    Client Analytics.jpg
    Learning Centre.png

    Learning Centre

    The 1View mystery shopping management system comes with a rich repository of documents detailing every functionality of the Admin side of the portal. It comes in handy for quick reference and guidance in case any confusion arises while carrying out any project management activities. It is of great utility in case you have to onboard new people onto your team and they can become familiar with the system by reading from the learning center which in turn reduces your overall training time.

    Shopper Payment Management

    1View helps in payment management by providing visibility on the amount payable to the shopper. 1View also ensures 100% transparency by displaying the same amount to the shopper also, removing any doubts which may arise with the shopper. This information percolates to project management where the concerned manager is able to track individual shopper liabilities and consolidate that information to project expenses of the program and take any measures if required.

    Shopper Payment Management.png
    Shopper Profile and Shopper Rating.png

    Shopper Profiles

    1View shopper profiles are integrated with admin dashboard which helps in quickly reaching out to the relevant shoppers. The dynamic profiles can be altered anytime and additional parameters can be added to gather more information. Also, shopper profiles intelligently impact the opportunities a shopper can view as per the recorded preferences.

    User Management

    User management module allows classification of internal and external users as per role. The user then sees or has access to only those modules which are defined as per the security group in which he or she falls. This enables hierarchical view of audit locations and results according to specific business units of your clientele.   


    User Management.png


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    Why We're the Mystery Shopping Management Software of Choice?

    Software as a Service

    Carry out your operations through the web browser ruling out requirement for any additional software installation. As the product is hosted in cloud environment, it ensures instant deployment and quick scalability. Centrally hosted application enables accelarated feature delivery regulary executed updates.

    Mobile App

    State of the art shopper mobile app features geo tagging, time stamping & offline access. Intuitive user interface makes reporting fluid and hassle free. Announce your opportunities, publish Quality Check results and payment status. Reach shoppers instantly through push notifications on their mobile device.

    Global Operations

    Developed by an organization having the first hand experience of driving audit programmes for various multinational brands. 1View is a world class technology solution designed to cater the needs of mystery shopping organizations across Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe & the Americas.

    State of the Art Security

    We believe in continuous improvement of our data security to keep up with the latest threats and vulnerabilities. 1View has been built to clear the requirements of some of the most watchful companies of the world when it comes to data security.