Beyond Expectation

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Beyond Expectation

Beyond Expectation

When I was a kid, my mom had a clever way of helping me study for exams. She would distribute several chapters over several hours. So if I had a deadline of four hours to learn two chapters, I would make sure I return to her with three chapters in four hours. Erm… or max 4.5. And I always loved to see her reaction after that.

Going beyond someone’s expectations!

And here too, we try. To not just achieve what is expected of us to achieve, but to go beyond our clients’ expectations.

At an exclusive Lenovo store in Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, a clip-on frame fell down. It was an important store. Therefore, it was an important clip-on frame. An immediate fix was needed.

Lenovo called us. PJP adherence--which we are so good at--means that immediate fixes are a challenge. Yet, to not do anything is not really part of the Channelplay program manager's wiring. Calls were made, vendors shuffled, and finally a team that could do it right away was identified. Within three hours, it was done. All done. The new clip-on frame gleamed proudly. All well with the world again.

“Thank you for the prompt and the fastest resolution in a day! This is the second instance where the resolution was provided within few hours which is really appreciable,” said Prashant Nair, Retail Channel Manager, Lenovo.

We understand some problems just come up, undecided, unplanned. And we try to fix them, always. We succeed, mostly.

How? Well, expertise, networks, ownership. Quite simple, really, if you think about it. Yet quite rare a trifecta, if you think about it.

Might your brand need all this to navigate the randomness of the retail space. Let’s discuss?