Call Centre Approach

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Call Centre Approach

Thoda sa less robotic ho jaayein in our loyalty approach?


“Hello, good morning. You haven’t used 9000 credit points in your account, would you like to use them now? Ok, thank you. Let me know if you need any help using your account.”


“Hello, good morning. Have you made recent purchases for Greaves Cotton? Do you know your account has 9000 credits? If you make it 10000, you can avail a mixer grinder. Which means you need to scan only two products. Do you know Lakhan, another plumber in your area has recently won a microwave? If you have time, I can help you step by step how to use the app.”

You see? What has changed?

From a robotic ‘insurance type' phone call to a human connection that truly matters.

And it works!

Transforming the relationship between a brand and its influencers from a purely transactional one to a more human bond, is what has led to the inactive members becoming ‘active’ in our loyalty programs.

With a pool of more than 50 customer care executives, handling over 55,000 calls a month—Channelplay’s loyalty game is nothing short of extraordinary.

Since the inception of this dedicated contact centre, Greaves Cotton’s loyalty program, Upahar’s active members have increased from 50% in Mar to 78% in Apr 2023. And that’s just the beginning.

JSW, Polycab, Parryware, among others have discovered this advantage.

Loyalty with Channelplay, indeed runs deep. So do our other services—Visual Merchandising, Auditing, and Sales Force Outsourcing. You just have to drop a ‘Hi’ to get started!