Channelplay Case Study

Mystery Shopping Software for a Caribbean Client

GetSavvy, a leading mystery shopping agency in Jamaica famous in assisting their clients in redefining customer experience with their organizations wanted to streamline the process of mystery shopping in their organization. They were looking for a Mystery Shopping Software which will help them to move out of the manual tasks and automate the processes related to the mystery shopping and help them to assess the following key service parameters: 

  • End to end streamlining of mystery shopping operations right from floating of opportunities to client reporting 
  • Real time collection and reporting of data from field including the responses, multimedia files and documents
  • Establishing and maintaining base of mystery shoppers in Caribbean region
  • Training and educating the mystery shoppers on all aspects of the audit
  • Execution and tracking of time bound mystery shopping projects
  • Communication and representation of findings in form of various graphs and reports for value creation of the respective clients


1View, our cloud based Mystery Shopping Management solution, was a perfect fit for what client was asking. After doing necessary modifications, customizations and configurations, we were ready to launch with a live system within 7 working days. Some of the key steps taken to meet client's end objective are as follows:

  • Multiple conference calls were set up for the client to train them on the mystery shopping system. Apart from the training sessions, various tutorials were shared with the client as reference
  • Master Excel sheets related to shopper information and questionnaire were shared with the client in order to map the details of their shoppers in our mystery shopping solution
  • Customizations in the mails sent to the shoppers
  • Developed an interactive dashboard to get quick snapshot of the store performance and market performance. Customizations in the font style of the dashboard in order to make the dashboard look neat
  • Customizations in the design of the Service Excellence Reports and Market Overview Report


1View successfully fulfilled the requirements of the mystery shopping company and helped the client in end to end streamlining of its mystery shopping operations.  The key highlights were as follows:

  • Project trends and other operational level dashboards helped the client to see the progress of different projects
  • Automation of lot of tasks like floating of opportunities and reporting helped the client to focus on other business aspects
  • Customized Service Excellence reports helped the client gain complete visibility on what measures to be taken to improve customer experience

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