Channelplay Case Study

Bulk Hiring for a Multi Brand Mobile Retail Start-up

This client, a Multi Brand Mobile Retail startup plans to roll out its store network across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. This geography already has established chains like LOT, BIG C and Sangeetha mobiles hence to stand out of the crowd was a challenging task.With an ambition to place themselves strongly in the market, they were in search of a partner with capability in bulk hiring in mobile industry sector and Channelplay’s already proven track records in this industry made us their preferred option. 


  • Only field sourcing was apt for this type of hiring and our team already had expertise in that hence field sourcing was involved.
  • Huge recruitment drives were conducted by Channelplay’s team to shortlist the eligible candidates basis the criteria given by Client's team.


  • Providing Sales manpower on time helped them in growing their customer base significantly.
  • The selected candidates were able to deliver within a short span of time and increase their sales.









Topics: Sales Staffing & Management