Channelplay Case Study

Customer Care Call Center Benchmarking for an E-commerce Marketplace

The client wanted to evaluate and benchmark the functionality & efficiency of its Customer care helpdesk with major competitors - Amazon & Flipkart. The objective was to measure customers satisfaction on Self Help Experience, IVR & Customer Care Executive service across various stages of order lifecycle.

The study had to be performed monthly (over a span of a quarter):

  • 450 orders per quarter (150 orders per month)
  • 3 marketplaces – Snapdeal, Amazon & Flipkart
  • 3 categories – Apparel, Home Décor & Electronics
  • 14 cities entailing Metros & Tier 1


  • Similar products were to be ordered across auditors to have a more effective process benchmarking across all players
  • Coordinating with large no. of auditors for process tracking as well as reporting
  • An appropriate audit to auditor ratio was maintained to avoid auditor fatigue
  • Each auditor conducted audits across all 3 marketplaces & across all stages of the order lifecycle (Pre-order, Order Placed but not delivered & Post Order Delivery)
  • Adequate systems were established to enable real-time data collection, quality check and reporting


A monthly dashboard was shared with the client very month to enable tracking any changes in functionality. Based on the research insights, the client evaluated its processes vis-à-vis other players in terms of:

  1. App/Self serve:
    • Ease to reach the FAQ/Help centre of the marketplace
    • Ease of finding query
    • Satisfaction with the solution provided
  2. IVR
    • Sufficiency & Relevance of options provided in IVR
    • Ease of finding query
    • Satisfaction with the solution provided
    • Technical glitches in IVR
  3. CCA
    • Empathy/desire shown by the executive to answer query
    • Language used by executive in terms of understanding & comprehension
    • Executives’ ability to understand query
    • Satisfaction with the reply/response provided by the Executive

Topics: Market Research