Channelplay Case Study

No.1 Smartphone Brand Appoints Channelplay as Mystery Shopping Agency

Xiaomi, one of the well-known mobile brands having leading foothold in major markets of the world, wanted to understand the gap between the defined set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the actual Customer Experience along with Market Operating Price check across preferred partner network.


The approach adopted to successfully deliver the scope of work was as under:

  • Recruiting real-time consumers with basic know-how about phone features
  • Training the auditors on not only the audit requirements but also imparting knowledge on MI focus models to be studied
  • Evaluating selling skills of in-store promoters
  • Hard negotiations with in-store promoters to arrive at the best price possible
  • Capturing various offers/scheme offered by the dealers
  • Gathering relevant proofs like audio recording, written price quotes, SMS screenshots of the price and schemes gathered


Through this program, the client gained valuable insights at a store level for the various consumer experience parameters like:

  • In-store promoter product knowledge, sales process adherence, selling skills and sales closure. Training and other initiatives were designed to improve consumer experience at store level
  • Discounting patterns across cities to take necessary actions and control price variation


Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits