Channelplay Case Study

Mystery Shopping for a Tyre Brand

Passenger car tyre market in India is characterized by high competition intensity. With no major product differentation among prominent brands, customer experience & service becomes extremely important. With the same objective, Apollo, the leading tyre brand, wanted to conduct Mystery Shopping at its exclusive retail stores.

Channelplay formulated the parameters which were studied  for evaluating overall customer experience:

  • Welcoming at the store
  • Service Experience
  • Grooming Standard of the staff
  • Attempt To closure
  • Need Assistance & Product knowledge
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Objection handling & Competition Check


  • Auditors with car ownership were only selected to perform the said audits
  • A proportion of women auditors were also selected in order to observe any remarkable changes in customer dealing by sales executives 
  • Intensive training of the auditors in order to make them aware of the technicalities
  • Evaluation of the overall customer interaction with sales executives was backed by audio recordings 


The audit results provided valuable insights highlighting the delighters as well as key attention areas to increase the overall customer experience. State and region-wise actionables were also defined for respective area managers.

As an outcome of the overall audit resu, the client implemented the following key decisions:

  • Development of a standard Training module to enhance the skills of sales executives
  • Linking dealer incentives with audit ratings

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits