Channelplay Case Study

In-store Staff Recruitment for Apple's Exclusive Stores

Apple Preferred Resellers (APRs) and Apple Authorized Resellers (AARs) are franchisee operated networks of stores in India exclusively selling Apple products.

Apple stores operate on strict guidelines and hence they were looking for a partner who could assist them in hiring quality sales people who can appropriately deliver the buying and customer service experience that is expected of people representing Apple. Many of Apple's franchise partners in India count on Channelplay to help them hire in-store sales staff in cities across the country.


  • Our highly qualified team of recruiters were assigned the open positions of Retail Sales Executive, Store Managers, Area Sales Manager etc. through 1Office which is a Technology driven platform in order to carry out the process of recruitment in a systematic manner.
  • The recruitment process was set with each of the Apple partners which was beneficial for both to meet their turn around time.
  • Sales competency tests were integrated in 1Office which helped in assessing the candidate’s sales skills.
  • Sourcing was done not just through job portals but also through field sourcing specially in stores which helped us in analyzing the candidates passion for sales, aggressiveness and right attitude to sell.



  • The mix of sourcing facilitated the APR’s and AAR’s to meet the right professional for their stores.
  • These professional in turn enabled the Resellers to achieve their yearly target and enhanced turn over.
  • Every Reseller came up with new stores due to increased profit.





Topics: Sales Staffing & Management