Channelplay Case Study

Seller Acquisition For A B2B Online Marketplace


The client has a B2B online marketplace where retailers in electronics category can purchase the products at wholesale rates rather than buying from local distributors at higher price. Client wanted Channelplay to sell this concept to vendors in electronics markets in various cities and on-board affiliates.


The key activities in project execution were as follows:-

Hiring and training of Feet-on-Street - We hired field sales personnel for the activity from the same industry and trained them on the product and it's benefits.

Market planning and pitching to retailers – Visits were planned in the target markets and pitch was made to all the prospective affiliates to come onboard and start buying online.

Validation of affiliates coming onboard - Validation of documents of affiliates coming on-board was done to ensure that only genuine retailers were registered on the platform.


The project successfully met its objectives and the key highlights were as follows:

  • The project was completed in a month's time with desired quality
  • The team exceeded the seller acquisition target and achieved 150% seller acquisition
  • Documents of each and every seller were verified and submitted to client

Topics: Sales Staffing & Management