Channelplay Case Study

Distributor Operations Audits for HMD Global

HMD Global, the sole owners of Nokia phones in India, wanted to evaluate their regional distributors (RDS). Retailers, as a practice, submit mobile phones of consumers which are eligible for replacement and then further RDS claim the replacement devices from HMD. Operations audits were conducted to assess whether RDS are compliant to the replacement process in accordance with HMD claim guidelines.

The scope was to cover 200 RDS over a period of one month and evaluate them on the following parameters:

  1. Basic hygiene – assess whether the replacement devices, parts & accessories were maintained in separate bins
  2. Process Compliance – Random check of 15 sample handsets assessing:
    • Correct and complete job sheet tagging with device
    • Device age – In-warranty vs Out-warranty
    • Verifying fault in device with the job sheet
    • Current month replacement stock availability at the centre
  3. Claim rate – Invoicing timelines followed


  • Auditors were to call the RDS before planning their visit, so as to confirm centre status
  • Comprehensive training was provided to all auditors in order to equip them to handle all types of queries
  • The entire interaction was supported with Picture proofs
  • Entire device evaluation was signed and stamped by the Distributor
  • Multi level Quality checks were built-in to avoid errors


These audit results provided the client with valuable insights, highlighting the centres where integrity breach was observed. Basis the outcome, the client took necessary action to control service rejections and uphold brand image.

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits