What is "In Store VM" ?

In store VM is the process of displaying products, services within retail outlets through available methods of direct & indirect communications & media. It is part of integrated marketing communication & plays a vital role in impacting impulse buying behaviour of prospected consumers. During purchase life cycle of a product In store VM is the last trigger which a brands can make on prospected consumers to minimise the resistance in buying behaviour. Brands currently saves significant budget for this from overall marketing spends considering the importance.

There are multiple methods available in advertising & media industry for the in store VM. Thus, brands carefully choose probable effective methods basis there retail presence, area segmentation & targeted consumer base. Let's discuss few traditional but effective methods of in-store VM along with some modern methods:

PoSM Deployment: There are multiple types of PoSMs currently available in market. Posters, danglers, stickers, wobblers, standees, bunting etc. are few among traditional PoSMs. Magnetic posters, LED window displays, Floor stickers, two way vinyls etc. are among latest entrants.

Display Fixtures: Depended upon spends per outlet or priority of outlets basis sales or walk-ins, brands tend to display exclusive fixtures in outlets. It has large impact on walk-ins & attracts more comparison to paper based PoSMs. Few examples are, exclusive zones with display counter, hanging in store signages, End caps, floor standing units, etc.

In shop Branding: In shop branding is the one of the main contemporary methods of in store VM but can be considered as on of the most aggressive & impactful activity for triggering the sub-conscious mind of prospects. Few examples of In shop branding are eco solvent printing on vinyl pasted on sun-board with different thickness measurements. normal vinyl printing & pasted on walls, clip-ons, translites, wallbays etc.

3D hologram displays/windows: In today's cut throat competition it is important for brands to stand out from the crowd specially in multi brand outlets like large format retails where multiple brands of same target consumer based are present at same floor. 3D holographic displays are latest methods of in-store VM which  takes minimal space but attracts large customer base basis live content to show in holographic form.

At Channelplay, we have an experienced team of Visual merchandisers & partners across India who develops & execute these activities for multiple brands. We share our insights, recommendations & helps brands managers in executing the best & effective in store VM activities across India. You may connect through our contact us page to know more.

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