What is the SEC Classification?

The socio-economic classification (SEC) is a measure used to classify and target consumers based on certain parameters, as defined by Market Research Society of India (MRSI) in 2011. It is based on two variables:

  • Education of chief earner
  • Number of “consumer durables” owned by the family (from the predefined list of 11 durables namely Electricity connection, Ceiling fan, LPG stove, Two-wheeler, Color TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Personal Computer/Laptop, Car, Air Conditioner and Agricultural Land).


    Based on these 2 variables, 12 grades have been identified in the SEC system, ranging from A1 to E3

    • A1, A2, A3
    • B1, B2
    • C1, C2
    • D1, D2
    • E1, E2, E3

    These 12 groups are applicable to both urban and rural India.Table.jpg

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