Best Practices in Authenticating Market Research Field Data.

Every primary research project includes several integral aspects like problem statement, approach & methodology finalization, field execution, data analysis & finally insight generation. The objective of most of the researches is to enable decision making, which in turn is entirely dependent on the data collected on field. Hence, there needs to be a rigorous validation of data and it should be one of the most integral elements of all research projects. Channelplay’s Market Research vertical ensures that all the collected data goes through several checks before it is finally put to analysis. Some of these checks/processes are:

  • Real time data capturing: All surveys are conducted on smartphones/tablets
  • GPS tagging: The surveys are filled on a mobile application which has in-built geo-coordinates of the location where the survey is conducted along with date-time stamping
  • Sample audit: Project supervisors personally conducts audit on a sample of shops on which survey has already been conducted by the field manpower
  • Shadow of surveyor: Project supervisors secretly shadows the surveyors to ensure survey is conducted in the desired manner
  • Survey confirmation: Tele-calling is done to a sample of respondents to gather confirmation on survey participation
  • Photograph tagging: Surveyors can capture photograph with consumers/retailers/shop exteriors (if they agree to same) which will have location & time tagging
  • Audio Recording: Audio recordings are done to ensure authentication as well as assess whether the surveys are conducted in the right manner or not

The surveys which do not pass the prescribed quality checks are re-conducted and the field manpower who do not conduct surveys in the desired manner are replaced with new manpower in order to ensure right data collection.

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