Creating A Progressive Ecosystem At Store – Promoter's role

A promoter is the last mile custodian of the brand and It will be wrong to assume that a Promoter’s only role is to do sales number. Yes, “Sales Number” is the end objective and the same needs to be achieved by creating an ecosystem. There are important parameters which act as enablers in creating an “Progressive Ecosystem” and can be influenced by a Promoter in big ways. Following are the points of importance:

Hygiene of Counter:

  • A promoter needs to check if the POSM is in good condition and placed correctly as per defined guideline.
  • A promoter also needs to check Demo device condition and display content playing in it.
  • Promoter needs to inform/escalate through proper channel to correct any deviation which needs support from relevant stakeholders involved.

Fixture Upkeep:

  • A promoter needs to check condition of fixtures present in the store and escalate to relevant stakeholders for any issues.

Stock Check:

  • A promoter needs to check the stock for all categories and raise request for replenishment if required.

Communication Check:

  • A promoter needs to check for any communication through message, email, notification in application related to process, offers, discounts keep oneself updated.

Relationship management:

  • A promoter needs to maintain a cordial relationship with store manager and peers in the store.
  • On facing any issue on this he/she needs to escalate to relevant stakeholders using proper channel for corrective measures.


  • A promoter needs to mark attendance first thing he/she reaches the store and last thing before leaving the store. This is basic hygiene and it is important to follow correct guideline set by the brand while marking attendance.
  • A promoter needs to report sales for the day before leaving the store.
  • A promoter needs to report stocks as per defined frequency. 

A check-list can be made on the above discussed points and Promoters should be trained thoroughly on the importance of performing their duties as per the check-list.

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